Steps to Success

Our efficient, risk-free process is extremely straightforward because it’s totally turnkey. You can sit back and relax while your dedicated client success manager facilitates every element of the journey.

Our Step-by-Step Process

1. Share your recruitment goals

What type of new hire do you need? What skills should they have?

Whether you’ve got a fully-fledged job description at the ready or you’d like support with nailing down the details, we’ll help you make the best decision to achieve your specific goals.

2. Select your perfect professional

Our expert recruitment team will source the best talent for your role through targeted advertising, directory searches and picking from our vetted talent pool.

Next, we conduct preliminary interviews before providing you with our recommended shortlist of the top applicants for your position.

3. Onboard and nurture with ease

Once you’ve chosen your candidate, it’s time to bring your new team member on board.

We’ll handle all the fiddly bits and pieces, like contracts, tax information and salary payment details. Our team will even get your staff member set up in an office, or you can opt for work-from-home.

And our support doesn’t stop there. We’ll take on all the HR management as your employee integrates and evolves with your business.

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