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We Value Our Employees

We look after our employees’ career growth, welfare, and recognize their talents and worth.

Career Growth
Core Values

Core Values

SVS Inc. is committed to helping our clients grow their business by providing them top-quality talent who produce exceptional work. We pride ourselves in doing great service to our customers which mirrors our corporate culture and core values: Collaboration, Accountability, Recognition, Leadership.

Come join us and be the best version of yourself.

Working In Our Office

Our workplaces are designed to improve workflows, increase efficiencies, and enhance productivity.

Some clients prefer our employees to work at the office, SVS provides a workplace solution that gives our employees a safe work environment with high-speed internet, equipment and facilities. This allows you to create a streamlined online working arrangement with your client and our management team.

Working in Office
Working From Home

Working From Home

SVS also offers a work-from-home option depending on your requirements.

We encourage our work-from-home employees to enjoy its benefits by establishing healthy routines such as waking up on time and keeping up with scheduled breaks to promote work-life balance.

We hold regular online meetings to discuss your work progress, share ideas, and collaborate.

Employee Benefits

Perks & Benifits

Perks & Benefits

Employee Wellness

Employee Wellness

Anual Salary Review

Annual Salary Review

Rewards and Recgnition

Rewards and Recognition

Government Benefits

Government Benefits

Paid Off Time

Paid Time-Off

Training and Development

Work Life Balance

Work-Life Balance

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