What Is An Executive Virtual Assistant?

If you exist in the business world, you have likely heard the term executive virtual assistant. Executive virtual assistants are quickly growing in popularity all over the world, becoming indispensable to many business owners. 

Our goal at Spin Virtual Solutions is to provide business owners with the world-class executive virtual assistants they need to help grow their businesses and ensure their success. 

What Is An Executive Virtual Assistant?

An executive virtual assistant is sometimes called a ‘remote assistant’ or simply a ’virtual assistant’ (or a VA for short). Executive virtual assistants are part-time remote assistants hired to help out with specific tasks without ever coming into the business’s physical location. 

What Does An Executive Virtual Assistant Do?

Executive virtual assistants can help with a range of tasks, roles and functions, and can be responsible for the following: 

What Are The Benefits Of Having An Executive Virtual Assistant?

Executive virtual assistants offer a range of benefits, including: 

  • Freeing your time up for critical tasks and responsibilities
  • Lower operating costs
  • Improved efficiency in your business
  • No need to onboard or train a new staff member
  • Access to highly trained, experienced talent from all over the world
  • No need to find space in your office for another employee

How Much Does An Executive Virtual Assistant Cost?

Typically, executive virtual assistants are paid an hourly rate. The cost of the virtual assistant varies depending on their experience, specialty, the agency they work through and other factors. Many virtual assistant agencies offer flexible or monthly packages to suit your specific requirements.

How Can I Find The Best Executive Virtual Assistant?

If you are looking for the best executive virtual assistant for your business, Spin Virtual Solutions has got you covered. We provide Australian businesses with highly trained, talented virtual assistants with a wealth of experience and a great working attitude to help out with whatever they require.  To find out more about our virtual assistants, get information on our flexible packages or ask us any questions about our executive virtual assistant solutions, get in touch with us today.

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